20 06 2012

On FRIDAY 29 JUNE, Love Music Hate Racism is bringing together a diverse selection of some of Waltham Forest’s most exciting up and coming muscial acts in a celebration of the eclectic spirit of multicultural life in our London borough! As well as being ill talents and from the endz…




>> 4i2i COLLECTIVE –

“Forward thinking underground outfit the 4i2i Collective provide a brilliant live hip hop spectacle. The London based group have been causing a stir in knowledgeable hip hop circles around the UK and are known for their abstract beats, poignant singing and sharp lyrics all brought together to create a magnificent live performance which is refreshingly devoid of all the egotistical narcissism associated with hip hop these days” – www.4i2i.org – EXCLUSIVE NEW MATERIAL!!


From foundation rootikal classics to modern roots, lovers and UK dub, Fluxman can be counted on for a wide selection of conscious reggae anthems. Previously part of the Sunday slot at ReelRebelsRadio in Hackney, he now regularly DJ’s with the Spredluv Collective at the Lockside Lounge in Camden, and is also part of the Kent-based Jah Elements crew. –http://soundcloud.com/fluxman

>> T.B – 

East London rapper also known as TBear or Tuberculosis says he got his name coz of spittin sick lyrics. Check him out on twitter twitter.com/tbistbear


23 year old singer/songwriter from east London, who draws a lot from the folk tradition but whose influences range from Dick Gaughan to Ed Sheeran. Will is a very personal songwriter who records his life experiences in songs resulting in a raw and often emotional


A beatbox session of solo performance pieces and combined improvised mash-ups, from two seasoned veterans and two up and coming prospects! BOOM!!

DOORS OPEN: 7:30pm
TICKETS: £10 / £5 concessions

Tickets available on the door, or to avoid disappointment, email us at: waltuaf@gmail.com

Please show your solidarity by supporting this event. Celebrate our fantastic, multicultural community in Waltham Forest. Show the EDL that we will not tolerate their politics of hate on our streets. No pasaran!

29 June gig flyer



We Are Waltham Forest public meeting is a big success

13 06 2012

Tuesday’s We Are Waltham Forest meeting was a resounding success, with 130 members of the local community, black, white, and Asian, young and old, religious and non-religious, crowding into Harmony Hall.

Waltham Forest dean Steven Saxby was the first to address the meeting, emphasising the tradition of people from all parts of the Waltham Forest community working together to make the borough the kind of place in which we all want to live.

Zita Holbourne of the PCS union and the Black Activists Rising Against Cuts campaign talked about the link between the rise of fascism and the cuts, explaining that black people and poor people are disproportionately affected.

Martin Smith, the final platform speaker and assistant secretary of Unite Against Fascism talked about the growth of fascism in Europe. He described how the racism and fascism seen on the streets of Europe comes from the top, with European political leaders like Cameron, Merkel and Sarkozy attempting to make racism acceptable in the mainstream in a way that it has not been for a very long time.

Speakers from the floor included local anti-fascists, Waltham Forest councillors and members of the various religious communities, with all emphasising the importance of standing side by side against the fascists, regardless of any other differences of opinion we may have on politics or religion.

Older residents reminded those newer to the borough what happened the last time fascists tried to march in Waltham Forest, in 1978, when the National Front attempted to attack the Lea Bridge Road mosque. Local residents joined the muslim community and blocked the path of the NF, and fascists have not marched in this borough since that day.

Now, 34 years after the fascists were smashed in Waltham Forest, they are attempting to return. As residents of this borough, we all stand to lose if our rich history of opposing fascism is allowed to be reversed. That is why we will be on the streets on 18 August to show the EDL that Waltham Forest remains a no-go area for the far fight.

“A place where strangers are welcome”

5 06 2012

The We are Waltham Forest campaign was set up by Waltham Forest residents and activists as a response to the announcement by the English Defence League that they are planning a march in Walthamstow on 18 August this year. The campaign was launched to defend multicultural Walthamstow from this attack by racist and fascist thugs.

Those involved in the campaign know, as does anyone who lives in the borough, that Waltham Forest is a thriving example of a multicultural community where people of all races and religions live side by side. But until a recent trip to Vestry House museum, in Walthamstow Village, we did not know that the welcome that newcomers receive is part of the foundations upon which our little corner of London was built.

Visitors to the museum are greeted by a short history of Walthamstow and its residents, and the very first part of the story makes clear what Walthamstow is all about. By the 1100s, the plaque explains, the small communities in the area had been grouped together to form ‘Wilcomstowe’ meaning ‘a place where strangers are welcome’.

Those of us who live in Walthamstow today know that over 900 years later, although the word has changed, Walthamstow holds that same meaning. Walthamstow is a welcoming place for all people, regardless of their race or religion. That is why we will be on the streets on 18 August, to show those who seek to drive divisions in our community that they are not welcome.

They shall not pass!

Day of action this Thursday

4 06 2012

We are Waltham Forest is holding a day of action this Thursday 7 June. We will be meeting in the town square, Walthamstow, beside Natwest at 2pm and distributing leaflets in the market, along Hoe Street and in Lloyd Park.

It is important that we raise awareness among local people that the racists and fascists of the EDL are coming to our borough, and that we must stand united to stop them.

Here is what happens when the EDL are left to their own devices. We will not let this happen in Walthamstow:


Public meeting 12 June

3 06 2012

We are Waltham Forest is holding a public meeting on 12 June to build the campaign against the racist English Defence League’s ‘national mobilisation’ in Walthamstow on 18 August.

Speakers include Martin Smith, Assistant Secretary of Unite Against Fascism and Zita Holborne, PCS NEC member and Black Activists Rising Against Cuts.

Come along and discuss the importance of stopping the English Defence League on 18 August, and get involved in the campaign.

All welcome!

12 June 2012, 7:30pm
Harmony Hall, Truro Road, Walthamstow, E17 7BY

Stop the EDL in Walthamstow

3 06 2012

The racist and fascist English Defence League intend to march in Walthamstow on 18 August 2012.

“We are Waltham Forest” is a campaign launched by Waltham Forest residents to show the EDL that they are not welcome in our multicultural borough.

Waltham Forest is a thriving example of a community that embraces people from all backgrounds, regardless of their religious beliefs or the colour of their skin. That is how we want it to stay.

We are Waltham Forest will be organising meetings and events to celebrate multiculturalism in the run up to 18 August, and will be on the streets on the day to keep the fascists out of our borough.

How you can help

We are Waltham Forest is supported by:

Unite Against Fascism
Waltham Forest Trades Council
Waltham Forest Race Equalities Council
Waltham Forest Amnesty Internatiol
Jewish Socialists
Leyton Community Trust Mosque
Waltham Forest Palestine Solidarity Campaign