From Chelmsford to Walthamstow – Stop the EDL

22 08 2012

A delegation of anti-fascists from We Are Waltham Forest joined campaigners in Chelmsford on Saturday 18 August to oppose the fascist EDL’s march in the town. The EDL demo, intended to build confidence among its supporters, was a miserable failure, mobilising less than 70 racists and fascists, while the counter-demonstration saw over 250 people march through the town in a vibrant celebration of multiculturalism.

Waltham Forest residents will be aware that 18 August was the original date planned for the fascists’ mobilisation in Walthamstow. But following pitiful turnouts and strong opposition in Bristol and Brighton in the preceding weeks, the racists decided against trying their look in Walthamstow.

Instead, the EDL will march in Walthamstow in just over a weeks’ time, on Saturday 1 September. We Are Waltham Forest, supported by the Waltham Forest Council of Mosques and Unite Against Fascism, is asking the whole community to come to the town centre from 11am, to show the fascist EDL that Waltham Forest is a multicultural borough where there is no place for its hatred and division.




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