The racist and fascist English Defence League intend to march in Walthamstow on 1 September 2012.

“We are Waltham Forest” is a campaign launched by Waltham Forest residents to show the EDL that they are not welcome in our multicultural borough.

Waltham Forest is a thriving example of a community that embraces people from all backgrounds, regardless of their religious beliefs or the colour of their skin. That is how we want it to stay.

We are Waltham Forest will be organising meetings and events to celebrate multiculturalism in the run up to 1 September, and will be on the streets on the day to keep the fascists out of our borough.

How you can help

We are Waltham Forest is supported by:

Waltham Forest Council of Mosques
Unite Against Fascism
Waltham Forest Trades Council
Waltham Forest Race Equalities Council
Waltham Forest Amnesty International
Jewish Socialists
Leyton Community Trust Mosque
Waltham Forest Palestine Solidarity Campaign


2 responses

15 08 2012
Julia Clarke

Hi – I want to put a link to this web site for a big mail out to singers for 1st September. Is somebody going to update plans for 1st September (where to assemble etc) and who can I send copy to if I want to put plans for getting the singers together on 1st Sept?

20 08 2012

Hi Julia. That would be great – please do forwrd on the blog details to your contacts. Details of what’s happening on the day will be added as soon as they’re confirmed. Thanks – WAWF

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